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Telltale certainly has their plate full these days, but the studio is showing no signs of slowing down. And if creative communications head Job Stauffer can serve as a gauge, they'd apparently like to add the popular sci-fi series Black Mirror to their list of projects in development.

This revelation comes as a result of an interview between Stauffer and PC Gamer. When asked what project Stauffer would like to see the studio work on in the future, he was quick with an answer.

This is my personal take, please don't confuse this with something that we're actually doing, but Charlie, if you're out there, we would, I would, love to do something on Black Mirror.

Stauffer was referencing showrunner Charlie Brooker in his comment, saying that he is a huge fan of the Black Mirror series, a show he considers "phenomenal." It probably shouldn't need reiterating concerning his quote, but this is not an announcement that Telltale Games is working on anything related to Black Mirror. It's just one guy from the studio explaining what his dream project would be.

And now that it's been said, we absolutely agree with Stauffer on this one. Black Mirror works super well as a serial of unrelated tales that are loosely tied together by a common theme of "what happens when technology goes sideways?" Not all of the episodes are cautionary tales, but most of them hold a (black) mirror up to modern society and display a frequently uncomfortable representation of where we could be going.

We doubt that a Telltale Black Mirror series would work well with unique stories in each episode, but a single Black Mirror yarn pulled across a few episodes of gameplay certainly seems like something we'd be ready to throw some money at.

Our only concern is when Telltale would even find time to work on yet another series. They've got an insane number of games rolling right now, including ongoing series like Batman, upcoming series like Minecraft: Story Mode, and sequels to everything from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us.

I think Black Mirror would fit in so nicely because it seems like a perfect partner for Telltale, but it's also very different from anything else they've put out up to this point. Now for the tricky question: Would it work best as a brand new story or a sequel/prequel to an existing episode? The most recent season boasts an episode all about video games, so maybe it would be cool to see where that story leads after the episode's conclusion.

At this point, we're in the same situation as Stauffer. We accept that Telltale and Black Mirror are not currently an item, but we absolutely ship the hell out of it.

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