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Nindies For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been receiving a lot of criticism lately for the lack of notable games coming out on the Nintendo Switch. The company had a solid slate of first and third-party titles released throughout the last two quarters from March to August, but now it's looking forward to some of the notable indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch.

There's a lengthy new video that Nintendo posted on its YouTube channel, featuring a slew of new games scheduled to launch for the Nintendo Switch soon; in the near future, and further into next year.

The 22 minute video starts with a summer showcase of Nintendo Switch's indie games, including Team Meat's Super Meat Boy Forever, which is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch starting in 2018. The side-scrolling platformer is a challenging game where the levels get increasingly difficult. With the intro sequence showcasing both Meat Boy and Bandage Girl out to get their kid back.

Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight King of Cards is the next entry in the Shovel Knight series. The game features all the classic side-scrolling action and platforming challenges that gamers have come to love from the Shovel Knight titles.

One of the more bizarre games set to arrive on the Switch is the completely crazy looking Mom Hid My Game, which is scheduled to release in late 2017. The game is a hidden object game with some lo-fi visuals and crazy scenarios where you'll need to find the game that your mom hid in each of the rooms throughout the house.

One of the games that really stood out from the pack was the isometric RPG Golf Story, which is set to release this September for the Nintendo Switch. The game isn't a typical golf game, as you'll actually engage in a role-playing adventure in order to get good at golf, mixing in a lot of traditional JRPG elements into the fold.

The video also showcased one of the games that actually had me kind of excited, Merj Media's Floor Kids, which is a dancing game for the Nintendo Switch that's due to release later this year during the holiday 2017 season. It's a little bit like Scribblenauts meets Just Dance. It has a really unique look to it with a modern-day urban theme.

Wulver Blade is based on real locations from ancient Britannica, but it's a hand-drawn beat-'em-up game featuring two-player co-op modes and lots of hack-and-slash action. The game is scheduled to launch in September for the Nintendo Switch.

Next Up Hero is an upcoming title set to launch first on the Nintendo Switch in early 2018, where gamers who perish leave behind a ghost. Players can spot the ghost and then revive the ghost as a companion to help out during the adventure. Even if you're not keen on playing the game online via the Nintendo Network, it's possible to share the Joy-Con with someone else in the room and play locally.

You can check out the full list of the games featured as Nindies in the video below.

Many of these titles are actually scheduled to come out later this year, with some of the more larger scale games set to release in 2018. There's definitely a wide variety of very unique games on the horizon for the Switch, so gamers who enjoy a wide variety of different genres shouldn't be left wanting. That's not to mention that Grasshopper Manufacturer's No More Heroes is set to arrive on the Switch as well, which is pretty big news.

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