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Splatoon 2 Forge Splattershot Pro

Nintendo has promised a year's worth of support and content for Splatoon 2. Nintendo has yet to slag off when it comes to producing new content for both games, and now we're seeing that come to fruition in the form of Splatoon 2's latest update that features a brand new gun.

Gamespot is reporting that the newest gun to join Splatoon 2 is the Forge Splattershot Pro. This weapon was actually featured in the original Splatoon and Nintendo decided to bring it back for the sequel. The weapon is part of a string of DLC releases that Nintendo will be pumping out for the game, as part of the continued support for the multiplayer shooter.

The pros of the Forge Splattershot Pro is that it allows you to shoot highly-concentrated amounts of paint at an area. This is also good for quickly taking out opponents during a match, where you can douse them in paint and take them out of action briefly during an encounter. However, there is a downside to the Forge Splattershot Pro: it burns through ammo quickly.

For those of you who have played Splatoon 2, you may know that a balance between ammo supply and being able to shoot consistently is a big thing for the weapons in the game. Some weapons will have high paint output but short ammo supplies. You oftentimes have to pick and choose exactly what best suits your play-style, with the Dualies allowing you to run and gun with fast-paced shooting output and a decent ammo supply. The charged shot works closer to the likes of a sniper rifle for people who like to get up high and take shots from above. The paint rollers are excellent for quickly covering an area and taking out nearby opponents. And the standard paint gun is good all the way around for both covering the levels and tagging opponents at mid-range.

As is common in Splatoon 2, the primary weapon comes with a secondary weapon as well. The article notes that players will have Suction Bombs to utilize as the sub-weapon. It also comes with a special, the Bubble Blower that will allow players to fire bubbles over the battlefield. The three bubbles will continue to float until they are fired upon by you or your teammates, at which point they will burst and cover that specific area in paint. It's a useful AOE special, but I doubt it will measure up to the usefulness of things like the jetpack, which is probably the most useful special in the game at the moment.

The new Forge Splattershot Pro is available right now and has arrived in conjunction with the launch of the latest Splatfest, which follows-up on the previous weeks' Splatfests. Nintendo has been rather creative with the Splatfests, and the latest one is about choosing the side of two very distinct but useful super powers, including invisibility and flight. It's an age-old question that has left many people wondering which power is best suited for a super hero.

Before the flight versus invisibility Splatfest, Nintendo had a few other hilarious showdowns, including cake versus ice cream and mayo versus ketchup.