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Splatoon 2

Nintendo recently released a new update for Splatoon 2, bringing with it a number of changes and updates to the game, the Splatfests and even the weapons. Some of the changes are somewhat significant while other changes are fairly minor.

The changelog for the Splatoon 2 update were published for public consumption over on the official Nintendo of America website.

First and foremost, version 1.3.0 alters the experience points required to fill in the slots on the Splatfest Tees. The changes see slot 1, slot 2, and slot 3 requiring 7500 EXP instead of varying degrees of experience points. There was also a minor glitch involving the tees that they ended up having to fix as well when appearing in the Inkopolis Square.

Weapons have also been overhauled in Splatoon 2, with the Tri-Slosher damage being reduced by 10 points and the firing range reduced by 9%. That's definitely going to make it a lot less effective on the battlefield. Almost all of the special weapons have been tweaked, including the Sting Ray, which received a damage radius boost; and the Splashdown, which now has a new peak height, increased minimum damage, and a decrease to the amount of time players stay at peak height.

The Ink Storm had its radius increased, while the Baller also had its minimum damage increased as well. The Inkjet, alternatively, had its hit box detection increased so it's easier to shoot players down while the Inkjet is active, and they decreased some of the damage as well. The Ink Armor also received a minor tweak, with the invulnerability being decreased, along with additional knockback damage when the overall damage counter has surpassed 100 points.

Four of the sub-weapons in Splatoon 2 have also been changed, which includes the Sprinkler, Point Sensor, Splash Wall, and Squid Beacon. Most have had time, delay, or consumption decreased, while also increasing the radius of effect.

The team also took time out to basically tweak all of the weapons and how they fill up the special gauge. Almost all of them have had the gauge requirement points decreased, so it will require just a few extra points to activate the special. A few of them had the points increased, however, including the Tentatek Splattershot, the Rapid Blaster, and the Hero Charger Replica.

Version 1.3.0 makes some changes to the Salmon Run mode, which is a new mode for the sequel and wasn't present in the original Wii U release of Splatoon. The Salmon Run had a number of issues fixed, from glitches involving the Golden Egg to issues where players would appear holding a Rainmaker-like weapon. Also, some of the changes that the team made for the weapons will also apply to the Salmon Run, so that should prove to be interesting.

Splatoon 2 came out this past summer, and so far Nintendo has been consistent in not only rolling out new updates but also keeping things fresh with weekly Splatfests. You can pick up a digital or physical copy of the game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.