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Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is scheduled to drop some more details about the gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey, which is due out this fall for the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console's exclusive 3D platformer starring the pudgy not-so-plumber from Brooklyn will be the center of attention in the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

The Nintendo Direct will air on September 13th at 3 PM Pacific Standard Time or 6 PM Eastern Standard Time this Wednesday. That means it will kick off when most gamers are up and out of school, or when some gamers are getting off work. You'll be able to tune in and watch the 45-minute presentation via the official Nintendo Direct website.

There are no details on exactly what the Nintendo Direct will address regarding Super Mario Odyssey since it seems like all the important details have been discussed already for the upcoming 3D platformer. In previous presentations, we were able to see a couple of different worlds for Super Mario Odyssey, including a desert stage, a jungle, and a forest.

At E3 we learned about how Mario can use the magic cap to "capture" different objects and entities around the universe and utilize them to help aid in traversing the levels. This includes capturing enemies and using their special abilities to help aid in getting around obstacles or overcoming platforming challenges.

One of the things that Nintendo revealed during one of the demonstrations was that there are no "Game Over" screens in Super Mario Odyssey, so it's likely that when you lose in the game you just go back to the world hub or restart the level.

Some people heard about the lack of game over screens and thought that the game would be too casual compared to previous outings such as Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World. Well, Nintendo is balancing the game out by also not including any hand-holding segments. So while the game has no game over screens, there's also a stark lack of forced guiding through the levels to help you out. This means that you'll be forced to explore and discover the levels on your own terms.

Now the Nintendo Direct isn't going to just focus on Super Mario Odyssey alone. So perhaps whatever Nintendo rolls out will just to be to cover what we didn't already know about the game, which could be pre-order bonuses, Amiibo, or other special functionality in the game. We already know it's not going to have anything to do with the cooperative multiplayer or the basic gameplay since all of that stuff was covered already.

What's also interesting is that, apparently, the Nintendo Direct will also cover additional upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles, so that should be exciting as well. Nintendo recently -- during the PAX West convention -- unveiled a bunch of indie titles coming to the Switch throughout 2017 and 2018, so maybe we'll get to see some of the single-A and triple-A titles coming to the Switch as well during the latter half of 2017?

We'll find out exactly what else will be on display alongside Super Mario Odyssey when the Nintendo Direct airs on September 13th.

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