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Nintendo has taken yet another step forward in proving to the world that they are willing to provide content for a broader, more mature audience, this time revealing the bare chest of their most beloved icon, Mario. Of course, this resulted in the internet absolutely losing its mind.

The Nintendo Direct was rather massive this past week. In it, nearly 50 games were highlighted as upcoming titles for the Switch and the 3DS, including known quantities like the latest Pokemon games and Resident Evil Revelations, as well as surprises including a massive Mario Party game and both DOOM and the new Wolfenstein from Bethesda.

Still, the game to receive the most post-Direct chatter was Super Mario Odyssey, and the conversation had nothing to do with the extended look at the game, the new worlds revealed, the story elements, the mechanics or the sweet new powers Mario will get. Instead, the conversation focused squarely on the Mustachioed mascot's bewbs, which were on full display for about a split second while he ran around in a swimsuit on a beach.

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Depending on what corners of the internet you visit, you've likely never seen Mario without his shirt off. Even through all of his sporting activities and side outings, the guy has always managed to keep his top on.

In Odyssey, though, it appears his bare pecks will be on full display in at least one of the game's worlds and, as noted above, folks on social media have been having the time of their lives commenting on that fact. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

If that's got you all hot and bothered, you don't have much longer to wait before you'll be able to make Mario cruise around the beach topless to your heart's content. Super Mario Odyssey arrives on the Nintendo Switch Oct. 27. For you youngsters in the audience, we hope your parents are okay with such graphic adult content. You've got to hand it to Nintendo, they really are turning over a new leaf...And that leaf probably has nipples, too.