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We're just a little over a month out from the launch of Call of Duty WWII, which means it's time to learn a bit more about the story that will be driving the single player campaign. Activision today let loose the official story trailer, and it looks to be just as epic as we were hoping.

It feels odd to say I'm looking forward to returning to World War II. I thank my lucky stars I have no idea what real war is like but, in the land of video games, shooters set in that era are what I cut my teeth on. Once Modern Warfare came out, though, pretty much every shooter on the market started edging further and further into the future. With games like Infinite Warfare imagining what warfare of the future might look like, now seems as good a time as any for the genre to return to its roots.

We've already had a few samplings of what Sledgehammer has cooking for this latest Call of Duty, going hands-on during E3 2017 and then playing in the two-weekend beta late last month. We only had a few details about what the campaign would offer, but today's story trailer has started to paint a rather stark picture.

According to the accompanying information, CoD WWII will tell the story of Private Ronald "Red" Daniels, a member of the U.S. First Infantry Division who will be seeing his first action during the infamous D-Day. Players will guide Red through the beaches of Normandy before joining his squad on a campaign across Europe. The campaign will visit iconic battle theaters including Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge. Eventually, you'll make your way into Germany for what we assume will be an intense final showdown.

The trailer opens with a dramatic chase through the snow, followed by snippets of conversations setting up the various battles. Everything that follows seems like it was pulled from a Hollywood blockbuster, which is exactly what we've come to expect out of the Call of Duty series. We get some inspirational one-liners, lots of looks at some stellar cutscenes and, of course, an insane amount of explosions and shooting. It looks like one of Red's team members is taken captive by the Nazis, and he's not the kind of guy who will just leave a man behind. We're not sure how much of the campaign will focus on this rescue mission but, again, based on what we're seeing here, it looks like one hell of a ride.

Call of Duty WWII launches Nov. 3 on all platforms. There will also be the requisite Season Pass for upcoming DLC available. Alongside the campaign, players will have access to the usual collection of multiplayer modes and, of course, zombies.

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