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Inside Nintendo Switch

Playdead Studios managed to carve a name out for itself with indie smash hits such as Limbo and Inside. Well, for gamers who really took a liking to those titles but are stuck with a Nintendo Switch, there's some good news in store for you given that the platforming puzzle game, Inside, will be coming to Nintendo's hybrid handheld gaming console.

Famitsu [via Eurogamer] managed to pick up the news from Playdead's Arnt Jensen, where the developer was having dinner with other top talent including Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda of The Last Guardian fame. The Japanese publication members being in attendance at the dinner allowed them to pick up the news that the game was coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Given that this was one of those situations where the information came out over the course of a dinner, so information was actually quite thin, and as noted by Eurogamer there are no release dates or specs released for the game so far because the announcement for the Switch version of the game was not official.

Even still, picking up these tidbits of news via unconventional means is still a win for gamers because it means that Switch owners can look forward to one of the more celebrated and highly regarded games that came out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One back in 2016.

The game was about a young boy who ends up fleeing from some hunters in the forest and discovers a facility where some zombies are being brainwashed, a giant seismic disruptor is sending pulse waves underwater, and a giant deformed monster is being examined by a group of scientists.

The player ends up joining up with the deformed monstrosity and then wrecking the facility as they attempt to make an escape and get out and away from the scientists.

The game mixed in platforming with some puzzle solving, requiring a good mix of reflexes and critical thinking.

The game managed to sell quite well across the three platforms that it was released on, and Eurogamer reported that the game is coming to iOS and Nintendo Switch, which could be enough to raise the sales factor even higher.

One of the biggest criticisms that Nintendo has had to deal with is a lack of software. Nintendo has been attempting to rectify that problem by bringing in a ton of new games to the console, many of which are indie titles.

Nintendo has been repeatedly criticized for a lack of third-party support but it looks like with companies like Playdead stepping into the picture and releasing a game for a Nintendo platform for the first time this generation.

Again, details on release dates or specs haven't been released. So we have no idea if this will be a 720p game or a 1080p game, if it will be 30fps or how well it will perform between the TV mode and the portable mode. Expect more details to come out for the Switch version of Inside once the developers get serious about the launch.