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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC

Ubisoft had promised that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle would have DLC roll out to satiate the thirst that some gamers had for more content. If you managed to purchase the season pass for the game, there's actually some good news in the form of the first major DLC pack for the game being available right now.

If you purchased the season pass you'll be able to enjoy the new Ultra Challenge Pack for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Ubisoft is calling it the "second" DLC since the studio rolled out some trinkets and infinitesimal items for players before, but this is technically the first major DLC pack that actually contains brand new content for players to engage with.

So what do you get? Eight brand new challenging maps... and not just challenging maps, Ultra Hard maps located within the Secret Chapter found in each world.

Additionally, if you don't like playing alone, you and a friend, buddy, brother, sister, parent, or significant other can team up and take on the five brand new exclusive cooperative maps that will put your strategic team skills to the test.

The game's cooperative maps were praised by reviewers as an extra bit of replayability to keep gamers sucked into the turn-based world of the Raving Rabbids and Super Mario.

According to Nintendo Life, the difficulty is a little uneven from the maps that the outlet played. Some of the maps are extremely easy to beat while others are extremely difficult, taking the difficulty slider from one extreme to the next.

There's a debate about whether or not the DLC so far is worth the price of entry, but it doesn't appear as if too many of the critics are convinced right now that the challenge pack is worth the $6.99.

Alternatively, those who already paid $19.99 for the DLC are probably a little disappointed that so far the content is only mediocre compared to what some gamers may have been expecting.

Previously Ubisoft announced the season pass ahead of the content launch, but the company was mum as to what gamers could actually expect from the expansion pack. Mario + Rabbids ended up launching with a ton of critical praise thanks to its unique take on the Super Mario franchise, by combining the wacky zaniness from the Raving Rabbids with the Mushroom Kingdom from Nintendo's franchise.

The game itself is a complete departure from both franchises, focusing on turn-based battles across multi-level stages. It's oftentimes compared to Firaxis' XCOM games.

You can see what the new challenge stages look like with the trailer below.

At present, you can purchase the challenge maps for the game, or you can get it as part of the package with the season pass. Some gamers are likely going to want to wait until the new DLC packs are released before deciding whether to dive in and pick up a season pass for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

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