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Nintendo Switch Wireless Headphone Support

One of the secret new updates added to the Nintendo Switch in the 4.0.0 roll out on October 18th is a feature that was much needed and requested for the system. And no, I'm not talking about the 30 second video clip capture that was added or the ability to perform system data transfers... I'm talking about wireless headphone support.

Polygon is reporting that wireless headphone support has been added to the Nintendo Switch. The wireless headphone firmware update has enabled support for wireless headsets that can connect to the Nintendo Switch through the USB ports. If you connect the wireless receiver for your wireless headset to the Nintendo Switch you'll be able to then use the headset with your games.

This is useful for when you're playing in the docked TV mode and your entertainment center is farther away than the typical 10-foot cord length that comes with most wired headsets. So, if you wanted to play your Switch but you didn't want to disturb others you didn't have much of a choice before other than to scoot up close to the console and smash your face to the screen to use your wired headset.

Now you don't even have to leave your couch. You just slap your wireless headset on, plug in the USB dongle, then turn on your favorite game and worry not about a wire getting in the way of your fun time on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately you'll need a little bit more technical know-how to make use of the wireless USB headset when playing the Nintendo Switch undocked.

In order to get the wireless headset to work on a Switch in portable mode you'll need a USB-C adapter to connect to your wireless dongle. You'll have to plug the dongle into the USB-C connector at the bottom of the system.

Now, if you want to use the wireless option it will require the USB-C adapter and then you will have to plug the dongle into that adapter that connects to the Switch, so it's going to look very messy at the bottom of your Switch due to all the cables and connectors hanging out of the bottom. If you don't mind the extra weight from the adapters or the ugly look that comes with them, then it may not bother you much.

Some gamers are now waiting for Nintendo to release an official wireless headset accessory. An officially licensed wireless headset would remove the need to have all the dangly bits at the bottom of your system.

This hidden update feature is bound to be popular with gamers who have been begging Nintendo for wireless headphone support. Now all Nintendo needs to do is make voice chat a heck of a lot easier without requiring a smartphone and the Switch will have finally caught up to the Xbox One and PS4 in general functionality.

This update was accompanied by a few other noteworthy features in the 4.0.0 update for the Nintendo Switch, including the ability to transfer all of your data and games to a new console, or the ability to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay in select games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8: Deluxe.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, the update is available right now.

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