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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a smash hit success for Nintendo throughout the year so far. The system is quite the innovative piece of hardware, and has opened up a number of smaller studios to hit success with their digital offerings. Well, some of those digital games will be getting physical releases.

According to IGN, physical product distributor Limited Run Games will be producing select Nintendo Switch digital titles and making them available for actual physical purchase.

Unfortunately, Limited Run Games doesn't exactly say what lineup of games will be available for physical release on the Nintendo Switch. For now, the Switch has a growing cache of games and so it could really be any of the current crop of popular digital titles. Limited Run Games previously helped put 100 physical PS4 titles out for gamers. So there's definitely a lot of possibilities for Limited Run.

One thing we do know is that Limited Run won't be distributing games like Fire Emblem Warriors or Super Mario Odyssey, since both of those titles are being released by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo, respectively. Other games like Pokken Tournament DX and FIFA 18 are also physically distributed by Bandai Namco and Electronic Arts. The games that would most likely get physical releases would be indie titles.

There's a bevy of games that could very likely get a physical release in 2018. There's Stardew Valley from ConcernedApe that could likely get ported, along with games like Cave Story and Retro City Rampage DX. Games like Shovel Knight have previously been released physically , but it was questioned earlier in the year if the game would get a physical release for the Switch. Well, it's likely that Limited Run could very well end up making a physical release of Shovel Knight for the Switch.

Other top games that could get a physical release is SteamWorld Dig 2, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap or the highly popular Golf Story, which was recently released as an exclusive for Nintendo's console.

There are a few other games that could make the cut as well, including Volgarr The Viking. Some of the other Switch titles have already received physical releases, including Azure Striker Gunvolt, which had a double pack released featuring the first and second game from Inti Creates.

Given the fact that so many big name publishers have been terribly slow in putting out top-name games for the Nintendo Switch, there's prime real estate available in the retail space to move product for Nintendo's hybrid console. Limited Run Games could most certainly capitalize on the dearth of AAA retail titles for the Switch, especially if the company can do so before more publishers like EA, Bethesda and Activision decide to move more games over to the Switch. Now it's just a matter of sitting back, waiting and figuring out which games Limited Run will distribute.

The company made the announcement via social media, so don't be surprised if the first wave of games that will get physical releases for the Switch will be announced through Limited Runs Twitter account or website.