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More and more series are starting to make the jump to the Nintendo Switch, including games that have previously been mainstays on the 3DS console. It looks like the Ace Attorney series will be joining those ranks, which we doubt anyone will object to.

Takashi Mochizuki, a technology reporter for The Wall Stret Journal, recently posted an interview between Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujiro and Japanese website Jiji. According to the translation, Capcom has big plans for the Switch starting mid-2018, including a new game from the Ace Attorney series.

Even if you've never played an Ace Attorney game, you've likely at least been witness to the meme of a man in a suit, defiantly pointing his finger and shouting, "Objection!" In the long-running series, players take on the role of an attorney who must solve puzzles, question witnesses and build a case in order to win the day in a courtroom.

Traditionally launching on Nintendo's handheld platforms dating back to the Game Boy Advance and even taking a few trips to Windows and mobile platforms, the Ace Attorney series has most frequently featured the protagonist Phoenix Wright, though others have taken center stage over the years.

While the Ace Attorney brand is centered on visual novel adventure games, the property has expanded to include everything from stage plays and a live-action film to manga, anime and even a musical. It's been around since 2001 so, clearly, there's a dedicated following out there.

While we don't really have any additional details about the upcoming Switch game, it's nice to know that Capcom is pouring some love into Nintendo's new console. They've got a couple of Resident Evil games launching this November but, otherwise, we weren't too clear on the publisher's future plans until now. Based on Tsujiro's comments, though, it looks like we can expect more Capcom games on the Switch sometime after April of next year. Considering the fact that E3 is set for June, we imagine we'll be getting even more details about Capcom's plans for the platform around that time.

Also interesting is the fact that Tsujiro focused on Ace Attorney in his statement. We assume that means that particular game is the furthest along in development, so maybe we'll be playing it as soon as next spring. Here's hoping some other key Capcom properties make their way to the Switch, and maybe even we'll get word on a Monster Hunter localization for the States at some point.

While some developers are still in a holding pattern when it comes to fully backing the Switch, we're happy to see publishers like Capcom joining the Nintendo party. It's been a big year for the console, with plenty of huge first party games and indie darlings hitting the scene. In other words, it looks like the Switch is here to stay, so it makes a lot of sense that additional third party developers would want to get involved.

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