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It's been a long journey, but Yooka-Laylee is finally ready to sprint, glide and roll its way onto a Nintendo console. The dynamic duo will arrive on the Switch next month, or Dec. 14 if you want to get all specific about it.

Playtonic Games made the Switch announcement official with yet another YouTube video. The developer has been using videos to tease Switch development for a while now but, while those were typically short shaky-cam clips, this one comes in the form of an actual trailer.

Clocking in at just 20 seconds, this latest launch trailer for the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie is short, sweet and to the point. We get a few quick looks at the protagonists in action as they run around, jump across platforms, breath fire and even turn into a tractor. That's followed by a straightforward splash screen that announced the Dec. 14 launch date for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders go live starting Dec. 7 and, based on how that system typically works on the platform, you might even be able to download the game ahead of launch. Either way, it's not a massive file size, so you should be playing the game shortly after launch either way.

When Yooka-Laylee first met with success via crowdfunding, Playtonic listed the Wii U as one of its target platforms. Obviously, things have changed for the Nintendo camp since then, hence the pivot to the Switch. The game was in full development for a couple of years and arrived on other platforms like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier in 2017.

As far as we've heard, this is the same version of Yooka-Laylee you can play on those other platforms, so don't expect any Nintendo-themed worlds/characters or special content to be bolted onto the original package.

As for what you can expect, Yooka-Laylee is a classic platformer through and through; which is either a strength or a weakness depending on what you're in the market for. While games like Snake Pass and Super Mario Odyssey made efforts to push the genre forward, the vast majority of Yooka-Laylee is more nostalgia-driven. That means you'll get a bizarre cast of characters, some obnoxious sound effects, and platforming that isn't always super precise. Still, while playing it myself, I couldn't shake the feeling that all of those not-so-great qualities were perfectly in line with the types of game Yooka-Laylee was trying to emulate.

If nothing else, it's a big, bright and colorful game that's good-natured and packed with activities. If you're looking for an alternative to the grim-dark games that have dominated the limelight lately, Yooka-Laylee might be exactly what you're in the market for.

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