A 15-Year-Old Speedrun Record For Goldeneye 007 Just Fell

Goldeneye 007 Speedrun
(Image credit: Rare)

A longstanding speedrun record that has been prominent for the last 15 years has just been soundly beaten. One gamer managed to outdo the record for the first stage in Goldeneye 007 for the N64. Yes, gamers are still setting records for the game and one of them was just beaten recently by one second.

Polygon is reporting that a certain Karl Jobst managed to set the new world record for the Dam stage in Goldeneye 007 for the N64 in just 52 seconds on December 2nd, 2017. That's a one-second shave off the time set by the original record holder, Bryan Bosshardt, who managed to beat the Dam stage in just 53 seconds back on September 27th, 2002.

According to Polygon, Speed Demos Archive still features Bosshardt's record as the top one for the Dam stage, but The-Elite.net has already replaced Bosshardt with Jobst's 52-second run.

There's a seven-minute video that captures the world record setting event by Jobst. It all happens within the first minute, however. Jobst is seeing strafing quickly through the stage, keeping his head down and looking at the ground to limit the render time for each frame, allowing the FPS to move as fast as it can on the system as he heads to the fence and begins looking at the sky. He moves at a brisk pace towards the end, up the steps and into the cinematic. He's proud of his performance and so are the people watching the stream. You can check out the video below from Jobst' YouTube channel.

After Jobst manages to cinch the time he celebrates with some humble self-appreciation. He's calm and collected once he reaches the end. However, things immediately change at the 1:45 mark when he not only realizes that he did a fantastic job in speed-running the level, but he also recognizes that he just beat the world record.

Both Jobst and his admirers in the live-stream comment section erupt in elation and excitement over having beaten a 15-year-old speedrunning record in the classic N64 title.

It's quite remarkable that despite all the technical limitations surrounding the game, it still manages to capture the attention and dedication from the speedrunning community.

In a way, it's because of the technical limitations that I think many speedrunners find it a fascinating and challenging game to post the fastest times in.

The N64's hardware struggled to keep up with what Rare wanted to do with the title, and it oftentimes played sub-30fps, especially on larger levels with more moving pieces and geometry to render per frame.

Nevertheless, speedrunners have found ways around those technical limitations in ways that constantly keeps Goldeneye 007 in the limelight as a game that future generations will likely continue to try to beat and attempt to set new records in, despite the game being 20 years old.

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