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Mega Man ready for the attacking Robot Masters attacking in the background.

It's been a big week for Mega Man, with Capcom making all sorts of game announcements to celebrate the iconic character's 30th anniversary. Switch owners, in particular, have a lot to look forward to, as all of the classic series offerings will soon be available on Nintendo's new platform.

During Capcom's big Mega Man anniversary livestream yesterday, the developer announced that the Blue Bomber will be having a stellar year to wrap up his third decade on games platforms. Along with the announcement that we're getting Mega Man 11 in late 2018 and a Mega Man X collection sometime before that, Capcom revealed that the original 10 Mega Man games will also be making their way to the Nintendo Swtich.

Over the past several years, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 have brought all of the mainline games to various modern consoles. The first collection included the first six titles, which originally launched on the NES. The second collection completed the run, bringing the SNES games and the more recent de-masters under one roof. In case that last bit was confusing, both Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 launched on modern platforms, but were given the NES treatment rather than maintaining (or updating) the most current iteration of the character.

According to Capcom, both Collection 1 and Collection 2 will be released on the Switch next year, meaning you'll be able to play about 20 Mega Man games on Nintendo's console/portable hybrid before 2019 rolls around. That's a hell of a lot of running, jumping and blasting your way through Robot Masters.

As for extra Switch features, Polygon is reporting that both of those collections will be compatible with amiibo. On the 3DS, scanning a specific amiibo unlocked a handful of extra levels for the Challenge mode, so we imagine it will be a similar situation on Switch. Though, honestly, we're not really fans of this particular unlock for the plastic gadgets. You're basically asking players to drop $12 on levels that maybe should have been included in the first place, which just feels weird.

While purists in the audience can enjoy these Mega Man games exactly how they remember them, there are also some nice quality of life features thrown into the mix. For instance, the Rewind ability lets you quickly skip back a few seconds of gameplay, letting you instantly take another shot at botched jumps and shots. That ability apparently isn't included in other versions of the game, but Capcom says it will be patched in for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC crowds.

So what do you think, Switch fans? Are you excited to spend the next year with Mega Man? Let us know in the comments below.