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The Nintendo Switch

We already knew that Nintendo was having a banner year with the Switch, but they've finally offered a figure to help put that success into focus. That figure is a whopping 10 million consoles sold in just nine months.

When the Nintendo Switch was announced, most folks weren't too certain what to think. Nintendo had struck gold with the Wii, but the follow-up Wii U hit the market with a resounding flop. Since the Switch looked like a souped-up version of the latter, it's understandable that many questioned if Nintendo's latest console would be able to find its way into the hearts of gamers.

With 10 million units sold since the console's launch earlier this year, we figure the short answer is "absolutely." Even though some of its best games are last-gen rehashes and the console itself is less powerful than the competition, the Switch has managed to absolutely dominate 2017.

As Nintendo points out in a press release celebrating its latest sales figures, this might be partially due to the fact that the Switch is so versatile. For those who just want a standard Nintendo console to play on their TV, it delivers. And while it's pretty massive, it can also be played as a portable device. And for folks who want to game in both of those worlds, it's absolutely ideal.

Also accounting for much of the Switch's success is a stellar year one library, something the Wii U was sorely lacking. Right out of the gate, the Switch offered players The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has already earned plenty of Game of the Year awards. That was shortly followed by games like an updated version of Super Mario Kart 8 and Pokken Tournament, as well as original entries like Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids. Most recently, the console launched Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And that list doesn't even include the growing roster of indie titles that arrive on the console weekly, including the likes of both Rocket League and Stardew Valley. Oh, and also the 73rd iteration of Skyrim.

While the road ahead is a bit vague at the moment, Nintendo also recently announced both a special edition of Bayonetta 2 for Switch, as well as a third game in the series being developed. We also know of a bunch more indies heading to the console, as well as new entries in both the Metroid and Pokemon series.

This past year makes it look like Nintendo has truly learned from their previous mistakes, even if the hardware could have used a bit more time in the development oven before hitting the market. A bit more horsepower and a decent hard drive wouldn't hurt, nor would the ability to chat with friends directly from the console. Still, by releasing a solid new console, supporting it with their own games and bringing in some third party support, Nintendo has found a formula for success with the Switch. And, with the ability to boast numbers 10 million strong, we imagine the positive momentum is only going to keep growing.