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The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the most beloved game consoles to come out in a long while. The sales have been explosive, but there have been some major drawbacks, such as the limited cartridge space. Well, if you were hoping for larger carts in 2018, you might be waiting all the way into 2019 for that to happen.

The Wall Street Journal [via Polygon] is reporting that Nintendo's plan to allow developers to make use of 64GB carts has been delayed all the way until 2019.

There's a host of issues that Nintendo has to work through before the Switch's higher capacity memory thresholds can be met. For instance, the article points out that a source told the Wall Street Journal that the biggest hurdle is Nintendo attempting to format the carts for use at retail.

The thing to consider is that it's not just a matter of formatting the 64GB carts for use with games, but also to guarantee copyright protection. This was something that Sega did not do with the Sega Dreamcast, and that was ultimately the nail in the coffin for the console, due to the fact that you could just buy the games, use a CD ripper, and copy the games right on over.

We're not really sure what sort of encryption Nintendo is using for the Switch, but, so far, it seems to have survived the year without getting cracked (which is great news for Nintendo and third-party partners). However, the original release date of a mid-to-late 2018 outing for 64GB carts is now shelved, according to the reports coming out.

Storage space has been a big issue for a lot of Nintendo Switch games over the past year, especially from third parties. The Switch itself only has room for 32GB of native storage space, but a lot of games go well beyond that, such as L.A. Noire, which not only came on a cart but also had a mandatory download as well.

There's also an issue with Switch games being more expensive physically than other home consoles. The main issue is that publishers have claimed that it's more expensive to put games on a Switch cart than a Blu-ray for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Some gamers have complained about the extra costs of the carts compared to the other consoles, but details on what exactly makes them more expensive were never really revealed.

The Switch uses SD cards as well, allowing gamers to store their games on backup storage. Many gamers have gone ahead and purchased 128GB SD cards for storing digital downloads, which some might feel defeats the purpose of digital downloads, but that's just how things are, given the Switch's limited native space.

Some speculate that Nintendo might release a newer SKU of the Switch with more memory and a stronger battery life, but I'm sure most gamers and developers would prefer simply having more storage space so larger scale games can be played on the Switch, possibly like GTA V or maybe even Red Dead Redemption.

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