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The Radical Way NBA Playgrounds Is Fixing All Its Issues On The Nintendo Switch

characters from NBA Playgrounds

Game patches are a dime a dozen these days, with developers rolling out quick fixes to various issues with increased consistency. The process isn't so cut and dry on the Nintendo Switch, however, forcing indie developer Saber Interactive to get creative with a long-anticipated update for their 2017 game, NBA Playgrounds. In short, they launched a brand new version of the game.

It's been a long, bumpy road for NBA Playgrounds on the Switch. A cartoonish, arcade street basketball game, Playgrounds arrived for the Switch later than other platforms and never received the post-launch updates enjoyed by the PC, PS4 and Xbox One crowd. It turns out that some issues with the way Nintendo handles game file sizes and updates on the Switch was standing in the way, forcing Saber Interactive to basically start from scratch and offer a brand new version of the game on the platform.

As noted by Polygon, Playgrounds arrived a full two months late on the Switch and, not only did it never receive the oodles of downloadable characters and courts that popped up on other platforms, but even fixing the game's bugs and lack of multiplayer modes proved to be a hassle.

According to the report, the developer decided to simply launch a new version of the game called NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition, which can be purchased by newcomers to the series or downloaded free of charge for those who already owned the vanilla version of the game.

Saber explained that they were already well into development of the game when they received their development tools for the Switch, so the game clocked in at more than 7 GB on Nintendo's platform. Once the not-quite-right version arrived, a patch to fix issues and add multiplayer support was going to clock in at another couple of gigabytes, which Nintendo wasn't too keen on.

In the initial repot, a Saber representative explained that the developer was at a loss, going back and forth with Nintendo trying to figure out a solution to patch the game and bring it up to speed with the other versions. When that proved to be nearly impossible, they decided to simply make a new version of the game; one that offered all of the fixes they wanted, all of the previously released DLC and access to the for-pay DLC, all while shrinking the game's overall file size a bit.

As a result, the Enhanced Edition is now available for your Switch gaming pleasure. All 100-odd extra characters are includes in this version, as well as all of the missing modes and options. And again, if you already own the regular version of the game, you can download this latest version at no extra cost. Everyone else can grab it for $9.99 through Jan. 18, a 50 percent discount. The premium DLC featuring new courts and some players will set you back another $10, while an option to unlock the entire roster at once is also available for $10.

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