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Nintendo had a big surprise to lob on fans of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle during the Nintendo Direct earlier in the day. There was an announcement that Donkey Kong would be joining the cast of playable characters for the colorful, turn-based strategy game that Ubisoft designed for the Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft released the new trailer for Mario + Rabbids as part of the mini Nintendo Direct, featuring a look at Donkey Kong in action. It starts with the Princess Peach Rabbid running through the jungle from some tribal Rabbids and a giant boss. As the Peach Rabbid runs out of frame, Donkey Kong makes his heroic debut by swinging in on a vine.

After the Peach Rabbid gets cornered by the tribal boss, Donkey Kong hops down to intercept the baddies, throwing the Peach Rabbid out of reach up onto a cliff and then lobbing a boomerang banana at the enemies.

After saving the day, the short trailer reveals that Donkey Kong will be part of a brand new DLC pack for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle due for release this upcoming spring. Donkey Kong will be playable as a hero character, going on an adventure in an all-new story chapter within the game, and there will also be an all-new world for players to explore in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

The real kicker here is that this news about Donkey Kong arrives just days after rumors spread that a new DLC pack was due for release on June 30th, 2018.

Now keep in mind that the rumor was based on a store listing from the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop, and it spotlighted the latest bit of DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle alongside the game's full release in Japan, which was delayed behind the North American and European release by four months.

So it stands to reason that the leak from the Japanese eShop might be correct if the delay of content for the Japanese version is always a few months behind what the West receives. In this case, it means that gamers in the West can get a hold of the upcoming Donkey Kong DLC this spring, and it will likely arrive for Japanese gamers in June.

If you already have the season pass for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle then you'll be good to go and can download the DLC once it becomes available. If you don't have the season pass then you can still download the upcoming DLC as a standalone purchase. A price for the Donkey Kong update wasn't rolled out on the Ubisoft Rabbid's portal just yet, but expect those details to arrive shortly before the expansion releases for Nintendo Switch owners.