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The amiibo train keeps on rolling, with Nintendo recently revealing a pair of new figures that are sure to make Splatoon 2 fans happy. Get ready to add Marina and Pearl to your figurine collection.

Everyone knows that Marina is queen of the sea but, if she's going to get her own amiibo, we suppose it's only fair if Pearl gets to come along for the ride.

When Splatoon 2 was first revealed, it seemed like the only thing anyone could talk about was the duo of underwater divas, Marina and Pearl. Along with singing some of the catchiest tunes in modern games, these ladies host "Off the Hook," the fictional television show that introduces players to each session of Splatoon 2.

Marina and Pearl greet players with random bits of info, including what maps are currently in rotation and what special modes or events are active. It takes about a minute and helps make Splatoon 2 feel like it takes place in a world that's lived in. The pair can also be spotted in the game's hub world, presumably shooting the breeze between recording sessions.

Anyone who has played the game's Splatfest events also knows what it feels like to offer your undying loyalty (for at least a weekend) to either Marina or Pearl. Whether it's Ketchup vs. Mayo or Flight vs. Invisibility, Marina takes up one of the causes while Pearl takes up the other.

The fact that they're each getting their own amiibo is pretty much perfect, as we imagine these are the types of characters that will fly off the shelf. I don't even buy many amiibo and I'm thinking of picking up Marina just to show my support. Pearl, however, can stay on the shelf where she belongs. Just kidding. (Though not really.)

Truth be told, anyone who wants either of these amiibo will have to pick up both of them, as Nintendo's announcement states that they're coming in a two-pack to "steal the show" sometime later this year. That's actually a smart move on their part. I was mostly joking earlier, but the community seems to be leaning heavily toward Marina over Pearl and, were they sold separately, I could see the former flying off the shelf while the latter moves at a slower pace. I fully believe Marina supporters will gladly fork over more money for the two-pack, however, just to get their figure of choice.

Nintendo seems to be introducing amiibo at a slower pace these days, but that might be because they're just about running out of big characters to support. If you've got any suggestions for who they should turn into a figure next, feel free to add your vote to the comments below. I'd pay good money for anything tied to Yo-kai Watch, if anyone at Nintendo is listening.

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