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Splatoon 2

So, if you've been following the news recently about Nintendo's new endeavor to be more consumer savvy, you may have encountered the news about the new user reviews on the official Nintendo site for Nintendo's games. Well... things didn't quite work out as expected and the reviews have already been taken down.

If you head on over to the official Nintendo website, for a game like Splatoon 2, you'll find that below the Amiibo section there's a notice from Nintendo that replaces the section for the user reviews. The notice states...

Customer reviews have been taken offline as we evaluate this feature and its functionality. We currently have no estimated date on when an update will be provided. We appreciate the positive response and thank the reviewers who provided such thoughtful commentary on the games.

Nintendo doesn't explain exactly what it was that caused the powers that be to re-evaluate the user reviews and put an axe to them for now, but I can already imagine a few problems out of the gate.

Nintendo's public facing services are almost always designed around family friendliness, and if user reviews contained imagery or language that was aimed at an older audience, it may have rubbed Nintendo the wrong way. Yes, the company does allow for mature games and has published plenty of them in the past, but public user reviews are probably things that it would prefer stay wholesome when people go to view a game on its official website.

Nintendo ran into similar problems during the early days of the Miiverse, which went through the teething period of having to censor and corral some of the more... adult themed content from the public's view.

Nintendo has always had a bit of trouble with trying to maintain that fine balance between giving people the freedom to express themselves and keeping things family friendly. I'm sure that the company is re-evaluating how to make it work the way it was intended without it being offensive to some gamers.

Of course, this is assuming it was a content issue and not a technical or logistics issue. For instance, what if a bunch of people who didn't own the game were leaving reviews trashing or praising the game? This could result in a lot of misinformation being spread through Nintendo's platform. There's also the issue of bots and spammers. Nintendo likely wanted to make sure that the reviews weren't hijacked by those groups either. The last thing the company wanted is for people to mosey on over to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reviews and find that it's not from real gamers but a bunch of bots.

As mentioned, the reasons behind the feature being pulled weren't detailed by Nintendo, but it was obviously serious enough that the company wanted to reflect on it and fix it. The user reviews could help work wonders in informing gamers and opening the door for better and more productive communication and information for potential customers when it comes to buying Nintendo's products through the official website.

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