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Nintendo Switch gamers have basically been begging game developers for all the top games, from DOOM to Overwatch and from Skyrim to Diablo. It's no surprise that, given the Switch's massive success, gamers would want to play something like Diablo on Nintendo's hybrid console, and Blizzard finally responded to all the requests and rumors.

According to Polygon, after reaching out to Blizzard for a comment about the status of Diablo on the Nintendo Switch when some gamers took a recent tweet as a means of the game developer hinting at something coming for Nintendo's console, Blizzard Entertainment responded with the following statement...

We can assure you we're not that clever. [It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.

This all originally got underway when Blizzard originally tweeted out "Sweet dreams" and featured a six second clip of the Diablo face as a night light being switched on and off.

A bunch of gamers on the forums and sub-Reddits took it that Blizzard switching the light on and off while saying "Sweet dreams" obviously meant that gamers dreaming about Diablo on the Switch would get Diablo on the Switch... right? Well, wrong.

The connection actually isn't too far fetched, given that we've seen other similar hints and teases about big games coming to the Switch, either through cryptic tweets or through actual announcements. Gamers seeing a six second clip of a light based around the Diablo demon lord going on and off with a switching theme doesn't seem too far out of the way to convince Nintendo Switch owners that a portable version of Diablo III might be in the works.

Now, before some of you claim that the game is too big for the Switch's britches, keep in mind that Diablo III did release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, along with releasing on the Xbox One and PS4. So, the Switch could technically run the game in TV mode comparative to what you might find on the Xbox One, and Blizzard could just shrink down the game to the Xbox 360 specs when running in portable mode.

As pointed out by Polygon, Blizzard has been teasing Nintendo gamers for a while now, pointing back to the tease from the official Hearthstone account that read "We see you" from back in October of 2016 with Mario and the Nintendo Switch (then known as the Nintendo NX) tagged in the tweet.

Blizzard had mentioned in the past that it would not rule out porting games to the Nintendo Switch, such as Hearthstone and Overwatch, but nothing official ever came out of the teases and taunts.

It looks like you can now add Diablo to the list of games that Blizzard seemed to tease for the Switch (but not really) that won't be coming to the system anytime soon. At least you still have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the portable version of the 2016 edition of DOOM to tide you over.

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