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Mark of the Ninja.

Nintendo hosted another Nindies showcase this morning, showing off about a dozen upcoming indie titles in just over 10 minutes. From Mark of the Ninja to Lumines, there's a little something for everyone heading to the Switch in the coming months.

You've got to hand it to Nintendo, they've finally figured out how to keep the hype train running full steam ahead. About a week ago they hit the internet with a Nintendo Direct showcasing upcoming AAA games for the 3DS and Switch, including everything from Smash Bros. and WarioWare to Mario Tennis Aces, Crash Bandicoot and Splatoon 2 DLC. But Nintendo has finally embraced the independent scene this generation, which is why they followed up that recent presentation with today's Nindie Showcase, putting the spotlight on indie titles that will be launching hand in hand with the bigger offerings. Nintendo pegged these games as launching in the spring and summer, so get ready to dive in soon.

The show began with Mark of the Ninja Remastered, a Switch version of the 2012 stealth action game that took the Xbox crowd by storm. The other bookend for the showcase was Banner Saga 3, which is set to arrive sometime this summer. In the meantime, the first two Banner Saga games will also launch on the Switch soon, with decisions and events in those games carrying over to the third.

Next up was my personal game of the broadcast, Lumines Remastered. I lost a lot of hours to the original Lumines for the PSP and this latest version will be HD and offer enhanced rumble feedback on the Switch. Another game driven by music will be Just Shapes and Beats, described as a "musical bullet hell" game that has the player navigating all sorts of puzzles that are literally driven by the soundtrack.

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If you haven't picked up the Reigns games for mobile, then you'll be happy to learn that Reigns: Kings & Queens is also heading to the Switch, allowing players to build an empire by making deceptively simply decisions.

The Messenger is another indie to keep your eye on, a sort of Metroidvania style action game that lets the player travel through time, which takes the form of warping the game between 8-bit and 16-bit graphics. If that doesn't provide enough fisticuffs for you, then you'll also want to check out Fantasy Strike, a simplified fighting game that does away with combo memorization in order to focus on pure strategy.

If you've ever wanted to go on an adventure driven by pool mechanics (yes, as in billiards), then you'll want to check out Adult Swim's latest oddball offering, Pool Panic. And if that's not enough action for you, then maybe you'll be tempted by the top-down, zombie-slaying action of Garage or the tough-as-nails and inventive platforming of Light Fall.

Solo puzzle platforming fans will probably want to give Bomb Chicken a gander, as it has you traversing stages and fighting enemies by laying stacks of explosives. If you prefer to play these types of games with a friend, then Pode, inspired by Norwegian art and culture, will likely scratch that cooperative itch.

Finally, tower defense fans have Bad North on the horizon, wherein you fend off an army of invading Vikings, and West of Loathing, the insane roleplaying game featuring stick figures. If you've ever played Kingdom of Loathing, you know what to expect.