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The cast of Smash Bros.

We had a sneaking suspicion that Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch would be one of the major highlights for Nintendo's upcoming E3 2018 showing, and it looks like that's going to be the case. Nintendo is also hosting an invitational tournament of the new version of the game during the event.

Announced last week, Super Smash Bros. is launching on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year. Since Nintendo's premium online service goes live this fall, we figure that means Smash won't hit the scene until sometime after that. And assuming Nintendo doesn't have anything huge up its sleeve, we wouldn't be surprised to see Smash positioned as their major winter title, launching sometime during the holiday shopping window.

Either way, that doesn't mean folks have to wait half six to eight months just to play the game. This morning, Nintendo announced that Smash Bros. will be playable on the Switch during E3, alongside the Invitational 2018 tournament. They'll also be hosting a Splatoon 2 tournament during E3 this year, along with some additional competitions and promotions.

Some folks are using this as further proof that Smash for the Switch is a director's cut of the Wii U/3DS game, while others aren't quite convinced. Seriously, start looking up those threads if you're into conspiracy theories and trailers/websites being picked apart for any scrap of evidence possible. It just goes to show how dadgum excited folks are to get a Smash game on the Switch.

The tournament will run from June 11-12. If Nintendo follows the same trend from recent years, we'll likely get their E3 video presentation on June 11, which we assume will include the game's full reveal before opening the stage for competition.

Then again, Nintendo keeps changing things up on us and, now that Smash has been revealed, they may decide to host a game-specific direct in the coming months to hash out all of the details in order to get anticipation for the game at a fever pitch before E3 actually kicks off. They also like to do short trailers revealing characters, so maybe we'll just get a bunch of those leading into June. Again, it's Nintendo, so nothing would surprise us at this point.

As noted above, Smash for Switch will also be playable on the show floor this year, so you folks planning on attending the show will likely want to carve out at least one afternoon to be dedicated to standing in line.

While no details have been provided concerning how folks will be invited to take part in the Smash tournament, we figure Nintendo will pull back the curtain further once all of the particulars have been squared away.