Pokemon Go

Last year during the summer there was a massive event -- the first event of its kind for Pokemon Go -- where Niantic Labs invited gamers from all over the world to venture to Chicago, Illinois to partake in the capturing of a legendary Pokemon. It failed. Not only did it fail but Niantic got sued for it, and now the company is settling to pay the lawsuit for $1.5 million.

Techcrunch is reporting that Niantic Labs decided to settle the lawsuits brought about from the Chicago disaster for a whopping $1,575,000. This is to cover the cost of hotel fees, travel expenses, and other amenities that guests racked up as costs in order to participate in the Chicago event.

Details on the lawsuit will be available starting next month on May 25th, which will allow attendees to know exactly how they'll be reimbursed. This will apply to anyone who spent more than $107 in expenses in order to attend the event. However, you won't be able to just claim money without receipts, which is why you're going to need some proof of your attendance, specifically the receipts you received from tickets, travel, and transportation fees in order to be reimbursed, otherwise you'll be fresh out of luck.

What's most interesting is that the article notes that if there is any part of the $1.5 million left over, the money will not return to Niantic Labs. Instead, the money will go toward the Illinois Bar Foundation, along with the remaining funds being put into the nonprofit organization known as Chicago Run, which is a health and wellness organization to help promote health and fitness for the youth of Chicago.

This all started last year when Niantic Labs promoted the special event at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. The event was supposed to be the first major, international rally point to bring Pokemon Go gamers from all over the world to a central point for games, and the ability to capture a legendary Pokemon. However, before the event even officially got underway, it crashed.

Servers were unable to handle the load, there were some major logistics issues that Niantic Labs couldn't seem to get a handle on.

The failure to launch caused a lot of disgruntlement and anger from the Pokemon Go attendees. There was a lot of gnashing of teeth and grinding of emotional gears. Some gamers picked up their bags and went back home, devastated and disappointed with the event. Others, however, decided to take the law into their own hands... with a class-action lawsuit.

It wasn't long after the event ended that many gamers sued Niantic Labs for failing to deliver on what was promised. Niantic tried to compensate with $100 worth of in-game virtual items, which obviously isn't equivalent to paying for a plane ticket or hotel fees for the weekend. Even giving away a free legendary Pokemon wasn't enough to make certain attendees feel satisfied, hence the lawsuit.

Instead of dragging things out, Niantic opted to settle for nearly $1.6 million in fees.

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