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InExile Entertainment made waves in the industry way back in 2012 when Wasteland 2 entered into a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough money to bring the isometric CRPG sequel to life. The backers managed to raise $2.9 million for the game, enabling inXile to build the role-playing game without publisher oversight. Wasteland 2 first came out for PC back in 2014. Over the years inXile has been fine-tuning the game and working on improving its playability until it was eventually ported over to home consoles. The latest console to receive the game is the Nintendo Switch, which will enable gamers to play Wasteland 2 at home or on the go.

The announcement for Wasteland 2 on the Nintendo Switch was posted over on the Nintendo YouTube channel. The minute and a half long video gives gamers their firsthand look at the isometric post-apocalyptic RPG in action as it preps for a fall release on the Switch.

The trailer starts by reminding people that this comes from the producer of the original Fallout, Brian Fargo, back when he worked at Interplay Software.

The trailer doesn't waste time trying to explain the premise of the game or the setup. Instead, we see a series of combat scenarios where the player-character and the rest of the party is engaged in some violent encounters with other NPCs.

The giant scorpion robots get the spotlight, while some of the unique locations of the post-apocalyptic wasteland are highlighted within the first 30 seconds of the trailer as well.

We next get to see some of the tricks and traps located throughout various areas, including laser grids you'll need to disable, minefields you'll need to traverse, and security barricades that you'll need to find your way around.

For the Nintendo Switch version of the game, given that it's arriving after all of the latest updates and tweaks, you'll have access to all of the new perks and all of the new quirks that inXile Entertainment implemented into Wasteland 2 over the years.

While the trailer doesn't go into much detail about it, the combat system is actually set up like the classic first two Fallout games. You'll use the turn-based system to maneuver your characters around the map and very similar to the VAT system in the newer Fallout games, you can target different body parts to achieve critical hits.

Since this is the director's cut edition of Wasteland 2, it features more than 80 hours worth of content, all of the balance patches, over 150 weapons to collect, loads of customization features for the Rangers you'll be playing, and over 8,000 new lines of dialogue.

This will be a nice little role-playing pastime for anyone who wants a PC-style RPG available on the Nintendo Switch. A price and a release date weren't rolled out yet but they're likely coming soon.

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