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If you still haven't played Diablo III, or simply want to be able to slay demons on the go, then you'll be happy to learn that Blizzard's epic action RPG is slated to arrive on the Nintendo Switch later this year. A trailer for Diablo: Eternal Collection went live this morning, promising all of the content from other versions of the game, as well as some Zelda-inspired items.

The Diablo: Eternal Collection trailer opens with some cinematics before veering into standard Switch reveal territory meant to show off what sets this version of the game apart from the pack. We see a guy playing the game solo before enlisting the help of a friend to take down a tough boss. From there, the console hits the road where up to four players join in on the fun via a single Switch, or while utilizing local wireless. Online play will also be an option.

The big takeaway from the Blizzard announcement, though, is that all of the game's previously released content will be included in this $60 package due out sometime this year. That includes the base game, and both the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions. All of that content will be unlocked from the very beginning, too, meaning you have your pick of seven player classes to run through the regular campaign, the Adventure Mode and even seasonal gameplay.

Since Diablo III is half a decade old at this point, we imagine it's going to run and look dandy on the Nintendo Switch, especially since a studio like Blizzard is behind the wheel. Heck, if Bethesda can get their upcoming Doom Eternal running well on the Switch, we figure other developers have just about run out of excuses for not bringing their own games to the console.

On top of being the complete Diablo III package, some additional content inspired by The Legend of Zelda will also be included in the Switch package. This includes a rad-looking Ganondorf armor set, which looks totally at home in the world of Diablo. Also included will be a pair of wings inspired by Majora's Mask, a character portrait frame bearing the Triforce and, my personal favorite, a new pet Cucco. If you've ever harassed a Cucco in a Zelda game, you'll understand why these chicken-like creatures will likely make the perfect companion for traveling into hell and back.

Rumors about Diablo III coming to Switch started circulating last year when the studio posted a short video of a Diablo nightlight being switched on and off. The team claimed it was just a fun little video, nothing more, and then went quiet. In recent days, some reliable-sounding rumors about upcoming Switch announcements started circulating, including the upcoming reveal of Diablo for Nintendo's console. We figure this new trailer probably wasn't planned to go up just yet but, with the cat out of the bag, Nintendo/Blizzard probably figured there was no point in maintaining silence.

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