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The Nintendo Switch has become an absolute hotbed for indies over the past year, and it looks like that trend will continue. Yet another Nintendo Direct drops early next week and it's all about fresh Nindies. If you're wondering what will keep you busy when you're not playing games like Smash Ultimate and Monster Hunter, this will be a video presentation worth checking out.

Nintendo has a nice crop of AAA offerings set to launch in the coming months, including the games noted above and titles like Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let's Go and recently revealed surprises like Diablo III and Saints Row: The Third. But the indie offerings have been just as strong and, next week, we'll get to see that library grow even bigger. According to the above tweet, Nintendo is set to host a Nindies Direct on Tuesday, Aug. 28, beginning at 9 a.m. PT. The announcement is super straightforward, simply stating that "multiple unannounced indie games" will be on display.

What's crazy is the fact that Nintendo just hosted a Direct focusing on indie games, including Everspace, This War of Mine, Windjammers 2 and Terraria. We doubt Nintendo will be doubling down on any of those in next week's stream, though, as they specifically state it will boast unannounced titles.

For many Switch fans, this emphasis on indie games is fantastic news. Over the past year, the Switch has become the go-to platform for many indie developers, likely due to the fact that Nintendo has become extremely welcoming to that particular games market. It also helps that the Switch has a full suite of inputs, including all of the usual buttons and joysticks, as well as a touchscreen and even motion controllers. Finally, there's the fact that the Switch can be played on the TV or in handheld mode, and indie fans seem to prefer the latter for those particular games. That's especially evident since even indie games that have been available for a while on other platforms still sell like crazy when they drop on the Switch.

While Hollow Knight and Dead Cells are all the rage in recent weeks, the Switch is also home to major indie titles like Enter the Gungeon, Stardew Valley, Celeste and, a personal favorite, Shovel Knight. If you pop onto the Nintendo Switch eShop and check out which games are listed as top sellers, you'll typically find these types of games in the running, if not totally leading the pack.

In other words, indies and the Switch are a match made in heaven, something Nintendo is well aware of and clearly wants to continue. If you're curious to learn what fresh indie games we'll be getting on the versatile platform in the coming months, remember to check out the Nindies Direct next Tuesday morning.

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