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The Nintendo Switch has been receiving a ton of ports lately, since the system is ripe for a lot of exploitation through pumping past games onto the platform, allowing gamers to experience familiar titles in all new ways thanks to Switch-exclusive features like portability and HD rumble. One such game that's taking advantage of being on a Nintendo platform is Fullbright's acclaimed 2013 hit Gone Home, which didn't launch on the Switch until this past September. The game wasn't exactly the same, though. The developers decided to add in a special Easter egg for Switch players that shows some exclusive love to the Big N.

The head of Fullbright, Steve Gaynor, gave a nod and a thanks via Twitter to a fan who purchased the Nintendo Switch version and noticed that there are now SNES cartridges featured in Gone Home. Yes, the developers added official SNES cartridges into the game, with the image in the tweet showcasing the original Super Mario Kart for the SNES.

Since one good classic deserves another, the rest of the tweet thread also shows that seminal hits like Donkey Kong Country were also featured as carts in the game, along with one of the most beloved titles from the 16-bit era, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

Unfortunately you can't play any of the SNES carts in Gone Home, even though a lot of people would probably love to be able to pop the carts into the console and play the games. You can, however, pick them up and take a look at the authentic SNES imagery and appreciate some classic outings from this bygone era of the golden age of gaming.

Heck, I'm sure Nintendo signed off on Fullbright including such homages in Gone Home because it might compel some people to take the dive and pick up the SNES Classic Edition, which -- much like the NES Classic Edition -- has been a pretty big seller and has helped boost Nintendo's profile over the last couple of years in a big way.

For those of you wondering what was in the original game for the PC and other home console versions, the game cartridges that were shown were for fake games. Obviously Nintendo wasn't going to allow a company to put its branded classics into a project that was only going to make its way onto the Xbox One or PS4. While Nintendo isn't averse to cross-play between the rival home consoles and the Nintendo Switch, the company is still extremely protective of its biggest brands.

If you have Gone Home for the Nintendo Switch and wanted to check out the SNES cartridges in the game, you can do so right now, given that the narrative-driven game is currently available as a digital download. While you scour the house for clues, you can appreciate some of the classics that helped shape gaming back during the 1990s.

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