Everybody ready for another Nintendo eShop and Virtual Console weekly update?! Well, maybe don't get too excited, folks. The best things on offer for the next seven days boil down to a decades old puzzle game about murdering germs and a piece of DLC that combines two legendary gaming worlds. Not terrible, but not exactly super-omg-exciting, either.

I understand that a few of you in the audience own a Wii U, yes? And of that group, I'm assuming a pretty hefty percentage also own Sonic: Lost World because, come on, what else are you going to buy for the console?

If you find yourself in that particular collective, then you'll be happy to hear that a brand new bit of DLC is arriving for the latest Sonic game this week, and it's actually pretty dang intriguing to boot. Possibly the result of Nintendo wanting to give fans something to cheer about, or possibly the creation of some bizarre fanfic gone wonderfully right, the Legend of Zelda Zone DLC puts the world's fastest blue hedgehog in the brown boots and green tunic of the legendary hero, Link. It looks like the Zelda-themed zone pulls directly from several entries in the long-running adventure/RPG franchise, giving players a chance to explore the hero of Hyrule's stomping grounds in a whole new way. Run around the countryside, meet the locals, say “hi” to Link himself and discover hearts hidden in treasures. It's all here, and it's all waiting for you later this week.

As for the rest of these weeks offerings, well, prepare to be a bit underwhelmed. Each Nintendo console is getting a new Virtual Console game, including Dr. Mario for the Wii U and Clu Clu Land for the 3DS. Dr. Mario should require zero explanation at this point but, just in case, the object of the game is to stack brightly colored pills in vials filled with pesky viruses in order to eliminate them from the play field. Clu Clu Land, on the other hand, is a sort of maze exploration game in which you try to pick up goodies and avoid baddies while attempting to flip over coins and discover a hidden picture in their various arrangements.

And then there are this week's new games. The Wii U is getting My Style Studio: Hair Salon, and that's it. Things aren't much better on the 3DS, where you'll find I am in the Movie, Skater Cat and the ponderously titled I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii. Even more crazy is the fact that that last one will set you back 20 bucks.

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