It's that time of the year where love is in the air, romance is budding and relationships are in full bloom. A lot of couples use this time to check out romance movies over the Valentine's Day weekend. However, what do gamers turn to for a fix on thrills, frills and a little bit of romance? Well, there are visual novels, but in the AAA sector there's a stark lack of games based on romance angles.

Here's where Gaming Blend comes into play... with all those classic romance flicks out there, why not imagine what some of these films would be like if they were turned into worthwhile, hardcore games? I mean, it's not impossible and it's all explained how some of these classic romance movies would make great video games in the following list. Check it out.

True Romance
Here's an absolute classic that a lot of people remember for that unbelievable shootout at the end of the film. What if a game was based around the concept of this movie? You play an outlaw couple on the run from a mob boss after killing one of his henchmen, just like in the movie; you try to score some cash while blasting down mafia goons in highly destructible set pieces. The end goal? Take out the main mob boss and evade the law. Heck, it could even be a two-player co-op title.

A third-person shooter with a gritty, crime-drama story overlaying a kind of sunset-hazed atmosphere and lots of physics-based, over-the-shoulder shooting to keep the action tense and the plot moving along. I know a lot of people would probably say, “Isn't that just Max Payne 2 in the form of a Tony Scott film?” Well, technically that was Max Payne 3, but who's counting? Anyway, a True Romance flick as an action-packed, third-person shooter is definitely a romance-film-to-video-game concept I can get behind.

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