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American McGee's OZombie Is Steampunk Wizard Of Oz Adventure

American McGee and his company Spicy Horse Games have turned to Kickstarter to fund their next game. OZombies is an action-adventure set in a Steampunk version of L. Frank Baum's Oz universe.

In OZombies, the main villain isn't a wicked witch. Instead, it's the Scarecrow. He is trying to kill the Immortals in the Land of Oz and turn all the remaining Ozites into the titular OZombies.

"After converting most of the Land of Oz to his faction, Scarecrow now seeks to destroy the remaining Immortals," explains the Kickstarter page. "He fights to free Oz from 'lazy magic' and to begin a new era where 'life matters because there is death.' His idea of utopia is one where creativity, passion and imagination are evil and should be repressed. Mindless repetitive activities and Luddite prejudices align with his goals. Happiness comes from conformity."

The player will control Dorothy in her quest to stop the Scarecrow and his minions. In the single-player campaign, they'll travel through Oz and recruit a number of familiar characters. The gameplay is said to be a combination of "role-playing, tactical combat, exploration and story telling." Spicy Horse is building OZombies with Unity3D and plan to initially release the game on PC, Mac and Linux.

Upon completing the campaign, the player will have access to multiplayer mode. Multiplayer will allow players to control several different characters and engage in tournaments, raids and other group activities. I'm very skeptical that this feature will make it into the release build - this sort of gated content typically doesn't go over well - but it's an interesting wrinkle nonetheless.

The Kickstarter run-down is careful to note that single-player mode is offline. It only requires a one-time online registration by players. It's weird seeing that listed as a feature for a game, but as the Xbox One controversy proved, it's something that gamers care quite a bit about.

OZombies' Kickstarter campaign will run until August 5th. Spicy Horse is hoping to raise $950,000 by then. The backer rewards have expected delivery date of March 2015 - presumably the launch window for the game.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.