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Battlefield 4 Video Features 4 Minutes Of Massive Gameplay Destruction

Want to see a tank blow the living crap out of everything in its path and then shoot the living crap out of other players and then shoot the living crap out of other tanks, buildings, pillars and more? Well, of course you do... otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on the link.

Brought you by E3 attendee and YouTube personality Kpopp – not to be confused with the reference to popular cash-in pop music known as K-Pop – the video covers nothing special in particular other than what the headline suggests: gameplay destruction.

So unlike Battlefield 3 the maps are even bigger yet (the standard subset of players is 64 as opposed to being around 24 on consoles). This means that players will have way, way, way more fun and mayhem to deal with, having so many players flood onto the battlefield at any single one time.

The real highlight of the video is in the small things, especially the way just about everything falls under proper weight. I also love the way the environment violently reacts to the physical intimidation from the nonnegotiable force of ballistics. That's my kind of shooter right there.

While a lot of gamers say that graphics don't make the game (which is true) graphical properties can affect gameplay. Having your camping spot slowly cave in around you while bullets pepper the area and explosives eventually give way to the necessary requirement of going mobile to a safer spot before you're crushed under an unstable building support, is the kind of thing that next-gen gaming should be about.

I love the multiplayer atmosphere of Battlefield 4 as well; the game takes the typical greyish brown scheme and makes it work because of all the dust and debris that eventually fills the air as a signal to the amount of sustained damage that has been administered throughout a map. I love that. It's also the complete opposite of the stifled, stagnate and repetitiveness offered in games like Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Of course, I should mention that this video and information should not be taken wholly to heart for console gamers. While the Xbox One and PS4 are rocking some very advanced tech and EA's COO, Peter Moore, mentioned that the game was running on comparable specs, keep in mind that just about all the Battlefield 4 demonstrations to this point have been running on AMD's 7990 “Malta” as reported by Trusted Reviews. That's not to mention that other demonstrations during E3 for many third-party Xbox One games were running on Windows 7 PCs with Nvidia GTX cards. So it's important to note that while the game is a shoe-in for amazing optimization on PC, we'll have to wait and see how well optimize Battlefield 4 will be on home consoles.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.