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Not all gamers can approach their favorite hobby the same way, which is why it’s always nice to see developers take into account the variety of players who may be diving into their games, taking into account things like color blindness, physical disabilities and the like. As such, AbleGamers likes to acknowledge developers who go the extra mile to make their titles available to even more players, awarding this year’s Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year to a pair of indie titles and none other than Bayonetta 2.

Loads of games came out in 2014, spread across a variety of platforms and ranging the gamut of indie on up to AAA. Each year, AbleGamers dives into as many of those titles as possible, keeping an eye out for developers who have taken care to make their offering more accessible to the masses.

“We found many games failed to meet the standards of accessibility for the inclusion of everyone, but a few games shined out from the darkness,” reads a recent press release from AbleGamers. “The annual AbleGamers’ Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year Award aims to highlight excellence in accessible game design. It is awarded to developers that make intentional choices to include accessibility in their games.”

In the end, the team came up with eight titles that rose above the pack, five of which apparently fell just shy of earning top honors.

The digital collectable card game Hearthstone was the first to earn an honorable mention nod, along with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby and Tropico 5. Close calls were also had by Sims 4, as well as Civilization: Beyond Earth. The announcement goes on to applaud these games’ efforts, including one-handed modes, button remapping and the like. In the end, however, it was determined that things like a lack of full mouse compatibility, color deficiency issues, the games platform itself and the like held each of these back from a top spot.

This, of course, paves the way to the big winners.

“For the first time ever, two independent developers demonstrated equally impressive accessibility in terms of finished product and research into what helps gamers with disabilities be included without sacrificing any features,” reads the announcement.

As such, the Accessible Mainstream Indie Game of the Year went to both Always Sometimes Monsters, by Vagabond Dog, and This War of Mine, by 11 Bit Studios. Always Sometimes Monsters was applauded for allowing the player to follow the story and complete objectives at their own pace, as well as a lack of focus on color in gameplay mechanics. This War of Mine was similarly applauded for its full control via mouse, as well as a “colorblind friendly” art style and visual cues to go along with audio information.

Finally, the AbleGamers’ Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year went to Bayonetta 2, which was recognized for “revitalizing a genre known for inaccessibility on a system inherently inaccessible.” From a wide range of control options across multiple peripherals to graphics that don’t hinder those with colorblindness, “Bayonetta 2 stands out among other accessible mainstream games by paying careful attention to a user friendly game experience,” according to the announcement.

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