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If you frequently find yourself stating that you “ain’t afraid of no ghost,” then Capcom is putting something together that you might have an interest in. It looks like a new Ghostbusters game is coming out to mobile, and the publisher is in the market for testers.

Announced through the Capcom blog, a recent announcement simply features a large Ghostbusters logo, along with the following information:

“Beeline is looking for a few folks to participate in a beta test for an upcoming Ghostbusters iPhone game,” it reads. “If you’re interested, please complete the following survey.”

“What survey,” you may ask? Why, this one, of course. Simply pop in, click through some multiple choice questions, then patiently wait for a reply from Beeline. The questions are super easy and should take you about two minutes to breeze through. Along with your age, sec and education (No kidding, they want to know your level of book learnin’.), you’ll be asked to fill out info involving your yearly income, employment status and how many people live in your household.

Waitaminute! Is Capcom secretly working for the US government to covertly conduct a census or something? What could they possibly need that kind of information for in order to determine if you’re a good candidate to beta test a mobile game?

After the somewhat off-putting personal info, you’ll be asked what other types of mobile games you play, how often you play them and the like. Finally, you’ll be asked for your name and email address, so Beeline can get a hold of you if they decide you’re a good candidate for the beta.

No other information is provided for the game. We know it’s coming to iOS<, for instance, but Android is never mentioned. Also, no word on how this game ties into the Ghostbusters universe. Is it related to the classic film, the cartoon, or perhaps one of the new upcoming films? Also, we have no idea what type of game to expect. Given that it’s a mobile game, though, I’m guessing we’ll either be matching gems or collecting and leveling different types of ghosts in order to have them wage war in some sort of turn-based battle. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but, let’s face it, few developers are really trying to break the mold when it comes to the mobile market.

So, tell us, what kind of Ghostbusters game would you like to see arrive on mobile? Which Bustin’ universe would you like to see represented? Beeline already has a Ghostbusters tower defense game up on iTunes, so I’m guessing this new offering will go in a different direction.

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