Nine minutes of fresh footage from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate hit the Internet tonight. Check it out to see the many enemies and heroes that this 3DS exclusive will feature.

Mirror of Fate has four playable characters in total. Players will start out as Gabriel Belmont, a knight of the Brotherhood of Light. As players of the console game Lords of the Shadow now, Gabriel's life eventually takes a dark turn. Players will take on the role of his son and grandson, Trevor and Simon Belmont, as they each try to slay Gabriel for his crimes. The fourth playable character is Alucard, a vampire with a mysterious connection to Gabriel.

These characters will face a wide range of foes in Dracula's castle. The enemies include gargoyles, lizard-men and ogres. It wouldn't be a proper Castlevania game without punishing boss fights, and the video shows off a couple of those as well.

Mirror will debut in March on the 3DS. The game is supposed to set up the story for Lords of Shadow 2, which is expected to launch this year as well but is currently undated.

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