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If you own a 3DS and you like unnecessarily long titles, you're in luck. Konami has released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, a 3DS-exclusive adventure that sets up the events of Lords of Shadow 2.

In Mirror of Fate, Brotherhood of Light member Trevor Belmont sets out to kill his father Gabriel. Gabriel, once a knight of the Brotherhood himself, has become a vampire. Trevor journeys into Gabriel's castle to rid the land of this evil and also restore his family's reputation.

The game's campaign actually spans generations. In addition to playing as Trevor, players will take on the role of his grown son Simon. Alucard, a vampire, is also playable.

There's a very wide gap in review scores for the game. The Metacritic score is about 73 but there are many scores well above or below that mark. GamesBeat gave it a 25/100 and called it "thoroughly disappointing." At the other end of the spectrum, Nintendo World Report says it "might be the best action game we've ever played on a handheld console."