Sometimes a little help goes a long way, which is exactly why Konami Digital Entertainment has announced the official launch of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate strategy portal, offering helpful guides, tips, tricks and more for the 3DS action platformer.

You’ve explored every room of the castle twice and you still can’t figure out where you’re supposed to go next or where you’re supposed to grab that one item that will help you defeat an especially tough boss. We’ve all been there before and, no, it’s not a very fun feeling.

Thankfully for struggling fans of the latest Castlevania game for the 3DS, Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate, Konami and Future Press have teamed up to help break down MoF into more digestible morsels. And the best part? You can access it via the 3DS’s internet browser without ever having to turn the game off. Now you can access loads of tips, additional information, boss strategies and a massive map guide while you’re adventuring simply by switching over to the browser, finding the info you need, then switching right back into your ongoing game. Ah, the future.

Whether you’re on your 3DS or looking stuff up off-screen on your PC, the portal can be reached through the Future Press website. If you’re using a normal web browser, you’ll also have the added feature of strategy videos to help walk you through certain portions of the game.

Along with a map focusing on each area of the game, you’ll also find a bestiary, upgrades info and skills/combos trees. If you’re planning on taking on the latest portable Castlevania romp, it’s likely to become an invaluable resource.

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