Focus Home Interactive announced that Cities XL 2012 is on the way for PC gamers and that the new standalone game is fully backwards compatible with Cities XL 2011. What’s more is that owners of the 2011 edition of the game will be able to get Cities XL 2012 at a discounted rate.

As stated in the press release…
We invite you to discover the very first images of Cities XL 2012 that show off some of the new environments and construction features. A lost oasis in the middle of the harsh desert, the Cayman Islands, Lake Powell and many others are some of the stunning new playgrounds where you’ll build increasingly gigantic cities. Your cities are now visually richer than ever, with typical buildings from mountain townships or seaside resorts, but also a much bigger variety among all the building types of the game!

The 2012 edition of the game now has a total of 1,000 structures that wannabe-city planners can put into their virtual cities along with a total of 60 maps. Much like previous iterations of the game FHI confirmed that this year’s rendition of the game will also support mods, so you can customize and build a perfect city replica of Ridley Scott’s neo-noir Blade Runner. Alternatively, you could actually rebuild Iraq they way it looked before Americans bombed the crap out of it and the Insurgents took an explosive dump on it.

Anyway, Cities XL 2012 will be available this October as a complete standalone game. Owners of Cities XL 2011 will have an in-game option to digitally download the game directly at a discounted price. You can learn more about the newly announced city builder by heading on over to the Official Website.

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