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The free-to-play MMO action game, BattleStar Galactica Online, isn't just going to be a no-brainer browser shooter, there's going to be some meat and potatoes involved. To help ratify the legitimacy of Big Point’s upcoming MMO, new fact sheet details have been released that should make fans of the series have a little bit of something to look forward to with the game.

Jan Wergin, CTO of Bigpoint commented in the press release, saying…
"Syfy's Battlestar Galactica TV series is a rich universe for Bigpoint to mold into an exciting MMOG experience," ... "We've partnered with the creative forces behind the hit show to ensure the authenticity of our game design and identify story and character elements that Bigpoint can add to the Battlestar Galactica mythology."

Much like any standard MMORPG out there, the game allows players to start off at newbie ranks for either the Cylon race or the humans. You’ll be able to customize your avatar, earn experience points and credits, and eventually upgrade and outfit your ship so you’ll be one bad mutha sucker out there in space.

Not only that, but much like other space sim MMOs such as Jumpgate Evolution or Pirate Galaxy, there are a variety of ships in various tiers that range from small, medium and large as well as offensive, defensive and command. As you level up and complete story missions more ships and equipment will be unlocked.

It sounds like a promising venture, no doubt. And if the game is handled right, it could prove to be a long-term successful investment for Syfy.

There’s tons more details about the game that you can check out over at the Official Website.

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