Remember how we've been talking about how Nintendo is all-in for getting developers to work on their platform? Well the goodwill from the Big 'N' has extended to another level, as some of their developer relations guys have been going around trying to gather more ports for the Wii U, one of which includes Lost Decade's Crypt Run.

At the Casual Connect expo the developers from Lost Decade (all two of them, mind you) met with with the good folk at Nintendo, and lo and behold they were expedited through the developer certification and approval process. Nintendo is desperately looking to play catch-up with Sony in regards to acquiring third-party indie support and they want Crypt Run to be a part of that new initiative.

As I've mentioned before, the next-generation will be a hard fought battle over software attrition, and given the strained budgets of AAA studios, it means that while AAA titles could move systems off store shelves it will be the indies doing the real moving and shaking, just like it was the smaller indie titles who really took over 2012 in regards to being big headliners in the news brackets.

The creative edge belongs to the smaller, hungry guys and gals of the software development community and Lost Decade are part of that hungry crowd of developers trying to bite one inch more off the sandwich of success.

While their game has been successfully Kickstarted with a meager goal of $5,000. The reality is that it will still cost just a bit more to get the game ported over to the Wii U – additional expenses like tools, kits and support isn't entirely cheap and so their stretch goal is $13,500.

If they can get to this stretch goal they will give their backers free Wii U eShop codes for a copy of Crypt Run. There are only 100 codes available for anyone who pledges $15 or higher for the eShop code reward, so you'll have to pledge quick if you want to be one of the 100.

The game itself takes a few liberties with traditional gameplay. While the images and video seem pretty basic, the dungeon crawling RPG of sorts changes some key elements to way gamers interact with the world. For one, when you die it's not the end of the game. In fact, dying is just the beginning. The tagline for the game plays a strong role in how players progress considering that when you die you are transported to the realm of the dead, which poses its own set of unique gameplay challenges and new areas and enemies to encounter.

If the game sounds remotely appealing to you, feel free to learn more by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. If you would like to see Nintendo become the king once more, as things begin heating up heading into 2014, feel free to pledge now to add yet another title to the every-growing library of games headed to the Wii U.

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