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Whoever said PC games are dying obviously doesn’t game much on their PC. Humble Heart’s upcoming side-scroller for PC is a breathtaking adventure that follows the furry hero, Dust. The protagonist encounters all sorts of different characters in true RPG fashion as well as countless enemies and shady bosses. The new debut trailer gives a good overview of what the game is like and it can pretty much be summed up as a PC version of the Wii’s Muramasa: Demon Blade.

It’s one thing that the game has a mellow approach to a grand adventure and told through fully animated, high-definition visuals, but it’s another thing when the game is accompanied by a very moving soundtrack and atmospheric effects. That lets you know that the creative designers really know how to hit all the right notes in creating a masterpiece.

In the following trailer you’ll witness how the platforming works, a few combat attacks and a brief glimpse at a boss battle. This is the sort of game that will undoubtedly end up on a lot of gamers’ “must have” list. There isn’t much more info that can gathered on Dust at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can check out the Official Website.

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