Even without John Riccitiello at the helm of gaming's publishing equivalent of the Titanic, there is still someone at the offices of Electronic Arts who will pick up a how-to guide and re-enact the ability to place both feet firmly in their mouth. Well, that last line refers to EA's CTO, Rajat Teneja, who stated that the Xbox One and PS4 were a generation ahead of the most top-end gaming PCs thanks to their cloud technology. To that, Epic Games' Vice President Mark Rein says “bullsh*t”.

The original article was so ridiculous most gamers just laughed it off. I mean, really? What else can you do? Mark Reins, one of the head honchos at Epic Games, decided to douse the claim on Twitter and simply said “No they’re not. I call bullshit on this one.”

It didn't take the VP for one of the most established and high-end graphics engine companies to rain down on EA's little propaganda claim, but all in all it at least helps clear the air of any rabid fanboy who may have latched onto the claim and tried spreading the (mis)information like wildfire.

As we've noticed even now, Microsoft is giving it 110% in their marketing spin department to twist and misconstrue their own words regarding the Xbox One's used game fees.

I'm glad Rein called out EA on this because it's a typical PR spin to rouse interest in a product in order raise anticipation and potential market valuation, and we all know EA could use some of that right now.

In fact, Electronic Arts almost gained brownie points for killing off the Online Pass program, but then it was later revealed that it would be replaced with Microsoft's Azure cloud initiative that would prevent the easy trade-in, swapping or selling of used games without authorization or license transference from the ACI. In simple terms, EA could afford to give up the Online Pass because the Azure would effectively kill the traditional method of used game sales as they stand today.

Don't be surprised to see more comments (some truthful, many not) regarding the next gen consoles as we near launch, especially from companies who desperately need to change their image around.

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