Xbox One Used Game Fee Has Gamers Raging While Angry Joe Fights Back

[Update: Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will not have mandatory used game DRM or fees]

Oh boy, the fallout is spreading and it's not looking good for Microsoft. I was a little on the fence about the announcement for the Xbox One, joining the side of apologists saying “Uhh...well...let's wait for E3”. However, as the day wore on a few legitimate gaming journalists (yes, there are some that exist) actually bothered asking real journalistic questions, things started turning horribly sour for Microsoft.

Earlier it was reported that the always-on DRM wasn't going to be the horrible thing that we thought it would be. But wait! It was later revealed by Microsoft's chief Phil Harrison that the always-on DRM isn't entirely has a 24 hour check-in, as reported by Gamasutra. Oh fail.

Things escalated even more when Wired and Polygon tried prying into the situation involving rumors about the used game ban that we heard about many, many, many times before during the roadmap leak, and it turns out that there is an additional fee involved with used games. Both Official Xbox Magazine and Computer And Video Games further confirmed that there are fees and restrictions on used games, basically meaning you have to pay a license fee if you want to play used games on a different console that isn't your own.

But everything that Joe says in that video is hilarious and actually spot-on. This guy and Jim Sterling have been nailing it every single time in each of their videos.

What's also hilarious is that gamers are livid. They are straight-up livid. Why? Because they now recognized why EA was so willing to kill Online Passes because the screw-you-used-games-consumers campaign was being put into effect. I can honestly say that I was a fool for even thinking that EA was on the right path to redemption.

All of you who were skeptical about the two-time running Worst Company in America had every right to be, and your inclinations proved correct, just as Joe, and Wired, and Polygon and CVG have confirmed. Yes, being indignant with EA is not a wrong way to feel because even though the Online Passes are no more, anyone who buys a used game on the Xbox One is getting screwed.

Microsoft has a lot to do to pull themselves out of the pit they've sunk themselves knee-deep into right now. Heck, even mobile phone fanboys are on the forums quipping about the game console that's only good for watching TV and shaking their heads in shame at the poor showing yesterday. For shame, Microsoft...for shame.

4 > 1.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.