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GTA 5 PC News Inbound?

For the most part, everyone has long forgotten about Grand Theft Auto 5; the game was washed from our memories quicker than the latest Jude Law film, and Rockstar's foray into MMO territory – GTA Online – only helped us further put GTA 5 on the backburner. Well, it's time to put it on the frontburner once more, as new info for the PC version could be inbound soon.

JunkieMonkeys has been paying very close attention to the Rockstar's twitter feed and spotted a new measure of consistency with the way Rockstar has been answering questions regarding upcoming content and the highly anticipated PC release of the biggest game of 2013. This isn't really proof of anything, but notice that instead of saying “we have nothing to share regarding this news” or some other dismissive response, as they had been doing, here's what Rockstar is responding with now...

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Author Jaw Swolo warns readers not to read too much into it, and that perhaps the Twitter responses were just a slip-up on Rockstar's part.

It's hard to tell at this point. If, however, the feed is sincere then it means that we really should be keeping an eye out for a press release to arrive soon announcing the definitive version of the game. If the feed runner made a mistake and typed out of turn, well then we can just chalk this up to some poor dastard being worked to death behind the scenes and mistakenly regurgitating a response that was meant for a different question, sort of like how Obamacare was mistakenly proposed in place of a second prison at Guantanamo.

Previously, information about a PC build was leaked through the game's source files from the home console version. There were also configuration settings found in the code pointing to modes and features not present in the Xbox 360 and PS3 rendition.

Despite all the mounting evidence suggesting a PC version of the popular open-world title is hidden somewhere within the confines of Rockstar's possession, the company has never made the slightest hint at disclosing the possibility of a PC or next-gen version being in the works, constantly denying the claims or pleading the fifth whenever pressured to answer.

While it would be cool if the PC version of GTA V was announced during the VGX tonight, it's just wishful thinking. Maybe sometime in January we'll here more about it? Anyway, for the most part, we can at least expect Rockstar to open up more about the definitive version of the game sometime soon, before everyone forgets and decides to move on to smaller and worse games.

Will Usher

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