[Update: Mortal Kombat X has been announced. See the new trailer right here]

In less than three days a new Mortal Kombat may be announced. Why this announcement is waiting to take place at E3? I don't know, but it's happening and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Junkie Monkeys caught wind of a cryptic tweet that one half of the Mortal Kombat franchise founder tweeted out, which reads as follows.

The tweet caused the typical flurry of furious fanboys going into a fanatical frenzy of Furor-sized proportions. All the anxiety also caused a lot of underwear to become slightly soiled... but that was completely unrelated to the Mortal Kombat news. Some fanboys just have weak bowels.

Anyway, Junkie Monkeys managed to decrypt the tweet and found out that it reads “Three days eight am to be precise”. This was later reiterated when guessing games took hold of Ed Boon's Twitter account and he had to set the fanboys straight with a direct and curt response...

This isn't all too surprising given that we were tipped off to a new Mortal Kombat game being in the works for the Xbox One and PS4 when Mortal Kombat: Legacy producer Lance Sloane let the beans fly loose in an unscripted interview like a group cheese-cutting contest around a camping fire where the only edible food is year old Taco Bell bean burritos.

The new game is supposed to be in the works at Netherrealm Studios – the same developers behind Injustice: Gods Among Us – along with a new (and very uncertain) Mortal Kombat movie. But knowing Hollyweird, it's less likely that the movie will be arriving in as timely a fashion as the game.

The only downside, of course, is that the announcement on Monday morning may not actually be a real announcement, but rather a new marketing tactic that sees big news announcements first being announced.

So technically, this tease could be an announcement for an announcement to later announce the game. We've all been on that trolly before and I can say that it's about as fun as dealing with the aftermath of getting your girlfriend to run through a rose bush in a spring dress before diving into a salt lake.

Still, I'm taking the skeptical road on this one and thinking that we're going to get a teaser that will lead us to a big reveal at this year's upcoming E3. It seems way too close to the massive media event to blow the load early on a Monday media morning a week before the big E3 conferences commence.

Either way, we'll find out this Monday.

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