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Video games have a tendency to take themselves too seriously these days. If you’re starving for an old-fashioned run-and-gun romp with some fancy modern customization options, then you might want to take a gander at God Mode the first game to come from upstart studio Old School Games. It’s available now on Xbox 360 and heading to the PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, April 23.

While you can pick up God Mode starting today on the Xbox 360 for 800 MSP, those gaming on the PlayStation 3 will have to wait just a little bit longer to get in on the four-player shoot-em-up action. God Mode is headed to Sony’s home console next Tuesday for $9.99.

Producer Nick Madonna recently posted about the game on the PlayStation Blog, explaining that the team at Old School Games decided to make an, appropriately enough, old school shooter for their first outing. In order to focus on the over-the-top shooter gameplay, Madonna said the teams decided early on to let story take the backseat in order to make the action as much fun as humanly possible.

“We wanted to create a lighthearted throwback experience, which focuses on arcade-style action over story,” Madonna said. “e came up with a classic premise—fighting to get out of Hell—then wrapped it in a third-person shooter with 3D graphics on par with full-price titles. Finally, we added a slew of weapons: plasma launchers, rail guns and what we affectionately call the “buzzsaw,” in order to wipe out waves and waves of demonic hordes.”

To help keep things fresh, the game also includes “Tests of Faith,” mini-challenges announced at the start of each mission that completely alter the aesthetics or gameplay. These randomly selected challenges might make all of the monsters wear party hats, or they might grant the players infinite ammo or random invulnerability. Then again, they might cause the player to be harmed if they leave a certain area or cause their guns to switch every few seconds.

According to Madonna, the point was to keep the game humorous, replayable and fun, allowing for quick rounds or long sessions of play.

You can dive in now on the Xbox 360 or take on God Mode early next week on the PlayStation 3.

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