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While The Last Of Us will always be an inspiring video game experience on its own, that’s not to say it won’t keep people from jazzing up other games with the game’s apocalyptic zombie theme. One user loved The Last Of Us so much, he wanted the experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, complete with a very familiar map and a Joel character skin. You can see the mod in its full capacity below.

The creator of the mod tried really hard to make the GTA character look like Joel, but it’s not even close. But hey, that simple detail won’t ruin the entirety of The Last Of Us mod experience. But forget the character skin, because the map is stunning. The soft twang of music in the background is very similar to The Last Of Us soundtrack, which got a lot of recognition. You can hear the main theme below.

You can definitely hear the similarity between the music in the mod and the actual main theme of the game. It’s just one more feature to really create that true experience.

The setting is obviously a town in Grand Theft Auto V, but the modder has gone to extreme lengths to make it look overgrown and abandoned, as if the apocalypse has come and gone. The overgrown weeds and old, leftover cars are so detailed, but it’s kind of hilarious that the street lights still work in a time when electricity shouldn’t exist.

While it’s not the most perfect adaptation, it’s still a very cool feat in the mod world. And if you’re a huge fan of The Last Of Us, you’ll definitely want to try out this mod experience in Grand Theft Auto V. You can go here to download the mod.