The world is about to end and you have exactly half a minute to save the day. Thankfully, Half Minute Hero allows you to cram an entire JRPG experience into 30 second of fast and frantic gameplay and, according to MarvelousAQL, the game is finally being ported to PC via Steam on Sept. 27.

Okay, so, the game obviously lasts longer than 30 second...sort of. Each time you play through your character grows stronger and stronger, gets new gear, and chooses a new path leading to bigger and bigger monsters. Battles are carried out automatically, so the game's depth comes in the form of quick reflexes and careful preparation. The best way to get a grasp on the whole affair is to see it in motion but, even, then, you had better be prepared for a sensory overdose.

The PC version is the same as the 30 Second Hero that was ported from the PSP to Xbox 360, complete with all of its extra bells and whistles. You can play the game with snappy new 3D graphics but, when there's an 8-bit version available, who needs that extra dimension?

You'll also have access to the Hero 300 mode, which gives you a super challenging 300 second final chapter to complete. You can also dive into the Knight 30, Princess 30, Hero 30 and Lord 30 bonus modes, giving you lots and lots of reasons to come back for more.

And did we mention there's an added bit of four-player multiplayer to dive into?

With all of that crammed under the hood, there's a pretty good chance you'll enjoy every (half) minute you spend with 30 Second Hero. Look for it on Steam Sept. 27 for $9.99.

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