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Launch delays can be a bummer, especially when they’re announced right before a game was supposed to hit store shelves. That’s exactly what happened with upcoming 3DS rhythm game, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, which was originally set to release next Tuesday, May 26. Now, though, you’re going to have to wait another three months to get your hands on the game.

Delays are pretty common in the games industry these days, but they usually hit the headlines well in advance of when a title was originally planned to launch. My big issue with this Project Mirai DX delay, though, is the fact that it was announced so close to when the game was supposed to hit store shelves in the US and Europe. Recently hitting Japan, this latest addition to the popular rhythm series fronted by vocaloid idols was due to arrive in just one week’s time. Now, though, it looks like we’ll be waiting until Sept. 8 in the US and Sept. 11 for Europe.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Hatsune Miku games were born out of a mascot project for a popular piece of autotuning software. These CG characters have grown in both number and popularity, with a number of “vocaloids” releasing their own albums and even putting on live concerts.

A couple of years ago, Sega asked US fans if they would be interested in a localized version of the latest Hatsune Miku game for the PlayStation 3, as previous titles were frequently exported to the States. The fans responded with a resounding “yes,” and then put their money where their mouth was by buying up copies of the game like crazy. The success led to another Hatsune Miku game being localized for home consoles and the Vita, with Project Mirai DX set to be the series’ first outing on that particular device outside of Japan.

As far as gameplay is concerned, sugary sweet songs play over adorable CG music videos while the player taps out the rhythm with a controller. The 3DS version also offers a touchscreen input method, as well as “chibi” versions of the vocaloid cast.

Project Mirai DX boasts a roster of 48 songs; some pulled from previous games and others new to the series. As well as all sorts of difficulty modes and alterations to the standard play, players could spend their time decorating a virtual apartment for their vocaloids, interact with the characters, create their own choreography and even compose new song phrases, similar to the offerings in previous console games. There are also a couple of mini-games thrown in for good measure, making for a pretty robust package.

Despite the frustration of a last-minute delay, there are at least two pieces of good news coming out of yesterday’s announcements. For starters, Project Mirai DX scored a 36/40 from popular weekly gaming magazine, Famitsu, which makes it sound like the additional months of waiting on the game will be worth it. Secondly, Sega has announced that a special edition of the game will be made available that features a bunch of AR cards to mess around with, as well as a wallet chain themed after Miku’s belt.

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